I have 16 years of Leadership and Management training and experience, the majority of it with the U.S. Coast Guard. As a former Law Enforcement Officer and Navigator, I understand the importance of My most valuable career development lessons were cultivated in the years following my separation from the Coast Guard. The most valuable skill I learned was how to translate my military experience into skills that civilian corporations would understand and value. 
Having more than doubled my annual salary through a mixture of personal and professional development tools, I can show you how to replicate my success in your own career. 

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Perfectly Imperfect : How I Recovered from Alcoholism through Self-Love

An accomplished public speaker and actress, I have spoken extensively at schools, addiction treatment centers, and DUI classes in the San Francisco Bay Area to discuss alcoholism and share my personal story.  
Consistently focused on self-improvement, I have learned to put aside my old habits and instead appreciate myself despite my flaws. This is the cornerstone of my addiction-related talks and a message I believe young adults need to hear.

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Every day, I see a world full of people who are afraid to admit their problems for fear of what others will say about them. It is my belief that these problems and challenges can be our greatest strengths. 

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A journey through 10 years of my life, showing how I developed and then overcame alcoholism.  Beginning with my first foray into social drinking, this story shows how I became an alcoholic in only five years. My experience, strength, and hope focus on the importance of authenticity and developing self-love in order to quit drinking. 

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